Social Media Processes

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Things can only “go viral” when people share.

What are your business friends sharing?

Why Companies Love Our Social Media Plans…

"We were winging social media until ThinkViral showed us how to interact with our partners and supporters online. We've increased our regional, national, and global awareness of KCMO as a potential business site because of this effort."

Steve Rinne, Economic Development Corporation, Kansas City, Missouri

"We were using social media to promote our products until ThinkViral showed us our business friends were blocking us! Now we collaborate with them instead of spamming them and more repeat business is coming through our door."

J. Hawthorn, Business Development Director, BG Manufacturing

"The team at ThinkViral is absolutely brilliant at online business strategy. For companies, public entities, and c-level executives who need help bridging the gap between social media and the business world, I highly recommend them."

Colleen White, Owner, Strategic Workplace Solutions

"ThinkViral designed a custom social media process that streamlined our daily, weekly, and monthly duties so it's much easier for us to reach developers and city leaders."

Janet Stevens, Economic Development and Urban Planning, San Bernadino, CA

Industry-Specific Social Media Solutions