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Is your company capitalizing on your Business Friends? Business friends are humans you know, like, and trust, who also know, like, and trust you. If you are strategic in how you interact with them online, you will put your company in a position to receive more contracts because people tend to do business with those they know, like, and trust.


What your social media manager says online can affect your business friends’ perception of your company OFF line, which could ultimately affect your bottom line. Online behavior can become a legal issue if your contractors post something damaging.


Commercial developers are also at risk as tenants often become angry and vocal online when property managers aren’t meeting expectations. And local taxpayers are right behind them any time there’s talk of incentives!


The most influential companies have great Social Media Processes. Is yours still counting on interns and advertising professionals to manage the all your company’s online conversations? Do they know which business friends matter most?


Our Social Media Plans for commercial real estate, construction, and development companies provides a systematic social media process that protects your company and helps you win more contracts.


*Options may be purchased separately or together

Social Media Audit of your company

Custom Processes for integrating Social Media into your company’s overall goals

Social Media Policies outlining guidelines for use by interns, employees, management, and leadership personnel

Weekly Social Media Management Routines for socializing online with clients, prospects, project partners, suppliers, contractors, developers, property managers, landowners, corporations, municipalities, Unions, associations, the SBA (loans and workforce), and the media

Social Media Cheat Sheets with ideas and examples

Social Media Strategy and management plans

Report Templates designed to show board interns, employees, management, and leadership personnel, the monthly results of your social media efforts

Supervisor Guides for those managing social media interns and employees

Social Media Instruction Manuals for your company to keep as a reference in-house

Support Plans where ThinkViral provides oversight and management of the people managing your company’s social networks

Please tell us how your organization is using social media (if at all) so we can help you determine the best option for your needs and your budget!

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