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Who are your company’s 

Business friends are humans you know, like, and trust, who also know, like, and trust you.

If you are strategic in how you interact with them online, you will put your company in a position to receive more contracts because people tend to do business with those they know, like, and trust.

The most influential construction companies have great Social Media Processes. Is yours still counting on interns and advertising professionals to manage all your conversations online? Do they know which business friends are the most critical?

What your social media manager says online can affect your business friends’ perception of your company forever, which ultimately affects your bottom line.

Don’t wait for poor online behavior to bring a lawsuit before you implement company-wide guidelines!


*May be purchased separately or as part of a package.

Social Media Audits reveals your company’s appearance online from your client’s perspective

Internal Processes so you can implement a company-wide online plan 

Social Media Policies & Guidelines Rules for social media use by interns, employees, contractors, management, and leadership personnel

Social Media Management Plans 
Weekly schedules for socializing online with clients, prospects, project partners, suppliers, contractors, developers, property managers, landowners, corporations, municipalities, Unions, associations, the SBA (loans and workforce), and the media.

Social Media Event Plans for events your company attends, sponsors or hosts

Reports show leadership the results of your online efforts each month

Social Media Training for sales and marketing teams, and C-suite

Social Media Instruction Manuals 
Reference guide for your company to keep on the shelf 

Outsourced Online Business Development ThinkViral will manage your social networks and work with leadership and business development to tell stories your clients and prospects want to hear

Social Websites specifically designed to showcase construction projects, safety, and expertise

PR Stories / Press Releases showcase the impact of your work in the community, challenges during construction, workforce-related topics, and more!


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