Social Media Training

Etiquette and Guidelines for Business

ThinkViral offers public workshops at a reduced price through our partnership with the University of Missouri Small Business Development Center in Kansas City.


Social Media Road Map for Business

Date: Tuesday, November 10, 2020  

Time: 5:30pm – 8:30pm

Location: Online

Instructor: Anne Cull, President, ThinkViral

This 3-hour virtual evening course is for companies winging social media who need a plan of action. Attendees will create a custom 3-month social media management plan specifically focused on the customers their businesses serve.


  • Which social networks give you the most business value
  • Managing ROI expectations
  • Leveraging business friends to help your company succeed
  • Taking advantage of online intelligence
  • How to “network” online to generate referrals
  • What, when, and how often to post (or tweet)
  • Managing social media without tradeshows or events
  • What to do about ugly comments and bad reviews
  • Navigating Facebook’s “new” business portal
  • How Facebook advertising and boosted posts really work
  • Setting a reasonable Facebook advertising budget
  • Tracking and reporting what matters most
  • Action plan for commercial management through 2020

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*Please disregard the list of “Covered Topics” on UMKC’s registration page. It does not reflect the updated course agenda.



This course is designed to help attendees create a process for managing commercial social media accounts. We cover a LOT of material and the pace is very fast. While we do cover certain network tools and features, we do not dive deeply into the specific technology of any one platform. Our goal is to have attendees leave with a thoughtful management plan in hand and more confidence to make social media decisions on behalf of their companies.


Customized individual or group training focused on your organization’s priorities and customer needs.


  • Social Media for Business Development
  • Social Media for C-Suite/Leadership
  • Create a Social Media Management Plan
  • Tracking Your Return on Relationships
  • Telling Your Company’s Story Online
  • Introducing Your New Service or Brand
  • What Goes In Your Social Media Policy?
  • Company Rollout of Social Media Guidelines


ThinkViral may be hired on an hourly basis to help your company work through specific problems.



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