If this company’s name didn’t already tip you off, Big Ass Fans clearly has personality, and they aren’t afraid to show it! Inspired by airplane wings, Big Ass Fans couples energy-efficient motors with patented airfoil designs to move large volumes of air quietly and efficiently.


Headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky, this nontraditional business was founded in 1999 with their first models designed for factories and farmhouses…places typically lacking air conditioning. Big Ass Fans now boasts business in commercial, industrial and even residential sectors. Though one might not expect an international fan company to have a powerful social media presence, Big Ass Fans proves that theory wrong.

Here’s what we love about Big Ass Fans:


1. All Their Doors Are Open

Most companies in manufacturing are barely participating online, missing out on valuable conversations with buyers, but Big Ass Fans isn’t missing out on anything because they’ve opened all the doors on their website to make sure people can find them. When you do not have your social networks linked to your website, it looks like your doors are closed, and you are likely missing out on opportunities.

Big Ass Fans website

This seems like a no-brainer but we’ve seen countless companies who have a robust Facebook page but have no trace of that on their website. Or vice versa – they have a robust Facebook page and when you try to learn more, there is no link to your website. This feels disappointing and since most people buy based on emotional reasons, the last thing you want possible buyers to feel is disappointment!

*Social Media Tip: If your company doesn’t have the bandwidth to manage all the networks you have open, you are better off doing one well and adding networks as your company grows. Also, there’s no need to be in networks where your buyers don’t spend time. Not everyone is in retail so some networks may not make sense for your organization.

2. Big Ass Fans Has A Personality

No one likes to read boring posts and this company has some big ass personality when it comes to what they post online!

Big Ass Fans naked

We know not everyone has creative people on their team but every company has something that makes them laugh, and those are all things that can be shared. What makes you laugh is what makes up your company’s personality and in order to build trust with buyers, you have to be willing to be transparent and let them see what that looks like.

Big Ass Fans wholeheartedly embraces that fact and finds funny ways to make their buyers laugh in ways that poke fun of their name, but also in a way that visually entertains. We like to be visually entertained and we like to laugh. Those things help us sell ourselves on your product or service.

3. Company Culture Shines Through In Posts

Like we said, your company’s personality is partly why people buy from you and your unique culture is what makes you stand out amongst the competition. Big Ass Fans doesn’t spam out mass coupons or specials to try and sell us on price. They are already selling us on an experience – the experience of what it feels like to work with them. They are publicly proud of their employees, posting thank you photos to installers, happy birthday notes to office staff, and highlighting employees involved in a variety of activities.

Big Ass Fans employees

They are outwardly grateful to clients and supporting organizations and respond and share other’s good news. When we see their posts come through our news feeds, it “feels” good. They’ve done an excellent job in mirroring who they are offline with who they are online and that’s how customer experience is really nurtured. Before we ever talk to a salesperson, we have a pretty good idea of what it’s going to feel like to talk to someone from Big Ass Fans, and that makes the call so much easier!

big ass fans employees2

4. They Participate – Response Time Is Fast

Big Ass Fans certainly understands the importance of communicating quickly online, even if they don’t have the answer you need right away. Their public stats show they almost always answer someone within three hours, and their response time, if they are tagged in a photo or a tweet, is often less than half an hour!


We know this response time is not possible for smaller companies with limited bandwidth but all companies should have a goal of responding within 12 hours or less when someone has a question. If you come in under 24 hours, you are still doing okay, but if you let it go longer than that, you are risking your reputation. Things can go downhill quickly when other fans see unanswered questions or unmoderated ugly comments on your page so it’s critical to respond in a timely manner!

5. They Show Us Big Ass Fans!

Who doesn’t want to see a Big Ass Fan?? The description says it all and when we hear those words, we want to go and SEE what a Big Ass Fan looks like. If we clicked on their social networks and they had nothing but coupons and spammy sales messages, we would be really disappointed. Instead, because Big Ass Fans has some big ass skills in social networking, we see exactly what we want to see…..Big Ass Fans!

This company has some big ass products to show off online and they know how to stimulate a buyer’s imagination. They know buyers will find their own use for a Big Ass Fan if they post their products in a variety of settings and styles, and they know if they don’t give us what we want to see, we will leave. And they are right because we all want to see those Big Ass Fans!


Awesome Job, Big Ass Fans!

Learn more about Big Ass Fans by visiting the Big Ass Fans website.


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