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Confused about how to use Twitter for your business?  You may need a cheat sheet to do it right! Here’s a handy guide to help you out:

– Twitter only gives you 140 characters to articulate your message. If you are anticipating a response from followers or clients, consider conserving space in your message so they have room to respond.

– If a tweet begins with a mention of another user, make the conversation public by adding a period before the message.


Client says: Thanks for the follow, @commenco! We’d like to hear about new products you have!

@Commenco responds: [email protected] No problem! Here’s an online guide: link

Though this conversation is between Commenco and a specific client, adding the period before @commenco’s response means it will be public. Without it, the only accounts that would see this are @commenco & the @prospectiveclient. Now, there is a possibility that someone else could ‘jump in’ to the conversation. We want everyone to see that you are communicating!


The hashtag (#) is the most important factor when tweeting. Hashtags help aggregate tweets from a certain topic, event or feeling.

An example of how hashtags work would be the #KCDelivers hashtag KC Smartport used for the industry briefing event. By searching that hashtag, anyone who tweeted about the event is at your fingertips. You can easily interact with them and in turn both of your networks will see the interaction.

KCDelivers Hashtag

Twitter shorthand:

Re-tweet (RT): This is the most commonly used abbreviation on Twitter. Re-tweeting other accounts gives them acknowledgment and recognition (a virtual high-five in most cases).


Modified tweet (MT): Generally, people modify tweets so that they will be able to add their own comments to a tweet with a maxed out character limit (140 character limit for tweets).

(Commenco’s response was modified to enable a comment and credit from the source to be used along with the content itself)


Follow Friday (#FF): Follow Friday is a great way to acknowledge new Twitter followers.  It can include as little or as many as you’d like. Follow Fridays are meant to be a recommendation, so including why this specific account is worthy of a follow is also important.


Throwback Thursday (#TBT): Most social media networks are filled with ‘throwback’ or vintage photos every Thursday. It is meant to be light-hearted and fun. This is an opportunity to post old pictures of your business, products, or people you want to do business with.


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