When we looked at Livers Bronze online, we quickly discovered they are living proof of what their website says they are: “We build railings and relationships.” The local Kansas City company founded back in 1932, has kept its roots and family ties in Kansas City for over 80 years. While the company has changed and expanded many times over, their commitment to good customer relations is still at the heart of their business – which is why we’ve taken notice! When we hear about companies who have great customer service, their social media presence is often not far behind. As predicted, Livers Bronze has their bases covered and are primarily using Facebook to humanize the face of their brand.

Here’s what we love about Livers Bronze Online:

1.) They Acknowledge Their Employees

Every month, Livers Bronze writes an “Employee of the Month” blog post that goes way beyond the standard biographical information. The blog articles validate the people who make the company what it is and make them more approachable to the public by showing their human side. When you celebrate and validate your employees online, you show your customers that you are more than a product or service. You show that you care about family, and that tells people a lot about the leadership in your company.

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2.) Leadership Interacts Online

Social media is one of the fastest and easiest ways to communicate with your customers and Livers Bronze is hitting it out of the park when it comes to interaction. Not only are they out there “networking” with their clients, members of the executive management team are personally reaching out to people who post on their Facebook page. That is huge! And it’s something almost every company can do if you make it a priority.

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Why don’t people make it a priority? Because they discount Facebook as marketing and advertising instead of the place where you go and talk with your clients! You would be amazed at the positive onslaught of feedback that comes when a company decision maker enters a conversation and this doesn’t take much time. Networks can be managed day to day by agencies or employees but if you are a decision maker, it may be worth your while to calendar half an hour each week to attend the “Facebook networking event” so you can be a good human and chat with your clients.

Customer service is a cornerstone at Livers Bronze. “Our father always placed premium importance on an exceptional customer experience,” says Deuce Livers, President of Livers Bronze. “We emphasize a customer-focused culture in all areas of our business.”

3.) Photos Have Clear Titles And Brief Descriptions

Livers Bronze creates beautiful, one-of-a-kind railing systems, and their creations are showcased in a clean, easy to digest format on their website. One thing that stands out about their images is that they include a brief description to accompany each photo. This is important for search results because the captions also serve as keywords and help tell Google and other search engines what your website and photos are about. When you post photos without giving them names affiliated with your work or your company, you are typically telling Google that your photo is about 452329343.jpg. Not helpful. Not social. If you tell us what we are looking at in an easy to read format, the chances of us sharing it are exponentially higher.

Livers Bronze

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4.) Public Love For Their Community

Livers Bronze does a fantastic job of being a part of their community by consistently showing their pride for their beloved Kansas City. Whether they are chatting it up with the Royals on Facebook or sharing an inspiring article from a local vendor, it’s pretty clear that this company cares deeply about the Kansas City community.

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Many businesses see corporate social responsibility (CSR) as something that’s ‘nice to do’ but not really connected to growing the business and profits. Companies that encourage community involvement distinguish themselves from their competitors and often see many benefits, including loyal customers and happier employees. Community involvement may also provide leadership opportunities for employees, which can lead to increased staff performance, fulfillment and, ultimately, increased productivity and sales.

Being socially responsible creates goodwill and a positive image for your brand. Trust, along with a good reputation, are some of your company’s most valuable assets. Without them, you can’t grow a business.


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The Livers family prides itself on the fact that all of their railings are designed and manufactured right here in Kansas City. The company sees its “Made in the U.S.A” heritage as a symbol of American-made quality while providing a competitive edge in the national and global market.

Craftsmanship and artistry also help bolster the Livers Bronze position as an industry leader. Company engineers embrace an inventive spirit when designing commercial railings with extraordinary uniqueness while matching function with beauty. At the same time, products never forsake sound engineering and manufacturing principles. That is why Livers Bronze customizable and distinctive commercial railings appeal to architects looking to make their signature mark in museums, libraries, offices, and theaters.

Livers Bronze commercial railings have been installed in buildings worldwide and in all 50 states. Here in Kansas City, the company’s railings can be seen at many recognizable locations, including Valencia Place on the Country Club Plaza, the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art’s Glass Labyrinth, Museum at Prairie Fire, the new IKEA store and the corporate headquarters for AMC Theaters and H&R Block. To learn more about Livers Bronze, please visit their website.


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