What is YOUR business doing for the World Series?

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According to the St. Louis Convention & Visitors Commission and the St. Louis Regional Chamber, the impact of the Cardinals’ 2013 World Series equated to a $23.7 million economic impact for the city of St. Louis. With the 2014 World Series right around the corner, and right here in Kansas City, savvy businesses have a big opportunity to capture their share of glory… if they move quickly!

Here are 10 ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

1. Give away Royals gear! If you haven’t noticed, Royals gear is selling out fast so if you grab something now, you can run a Facebook contest and give it away to your best fans!

2. Give away your tickets!! Were you one of the lucky few to snag a ticket to watch the Royals stomp the Giants in the World Series? What would a few thousand new Facebook or Twitter followers be worth to you? If you sell directly to consumers, investing in a few tickets would cost significantly less than a TV or radio advertisement and is GUARANTEED to result in a ton of new followers…who will still see your posts long after the games are over!

3. Design a new product. Right now in Kansas City, blue sells. Do you make cupcakes? Design a line of baseball or Royals-themed cupcakes. Do you display lighting? Shine all your bulbs blue this week. There are plenty of ways you can turn everyday products blue!

4. Be Present. Social media is a flurry of activity during sporting events and is a great way to connect with your customers in real time. Cheer on the Royals through your company page every day this week and make sure to “like” and comment on other pages who are also supportive of the Royals. ‘

5. Change your cover photo. Use your cover photo to shine the spotlight on your company’s “Royal” spirit. Show off your new Royal’s themed drinks, or use a staff photo with everyone in Royals gear.

6. Host a watch party. People do business – and have fun- with people they know, like and trust so why not invite your customers over for a watch party! Don’t forget to take photos so your guests can tag themselves and share their Royals spirit too!

7. Rename your products. What sells better than a rum and Coke? A Home Run and Coke! Any blue food and drink can become Royals-themed. Don’t forget about the kids! If you are a restaurant, add blueberries to a sundae and call it a Grand Slam Sundae.

8. Show your support. Take a staff photo in all your Royals glory. Sweeten the deal by including a pooch in a Royals shirt and share it on all your social networks. People love to see real people (and animals) and are more likely to share if it’s funny or cute.

9. Build connections- Want to break the ice with anyone in a blue shirt? Utter the magic words, “Go Royals” and spark up a conversation. Find a way to casually bring up your business. Try this, “After last night’s late game, I sure am glad I own my own business. I called my staff and told them to come in late. No one wants to miss the Royals big win in the eleventh inning!”

10. Serve tourists – Kansas City style! Millions of people will be coming to Kansas City to watch the Royals win the World Series. We all have the opportunity to show them have a great time while supporting small businesses at the same time. Connect with these folks. Share your favorite restaurants, activities and your favorite small business (of course). We want them to leave with an understanding of why this town is on its way to being the most entrepreneurial city in America!

So what are you going to do this week to help your small business tap into the World Series? The key to maximizing your Royals marketing is speed, flexibility, and visibility. The World Series starts Tuesday so you’ve gotta move fast! Pick a few of these suggestions, posts your efforts on your social networks, and let’s all ride the Royals wave!


A BIG Thank You to Stephanie Zamora for this awesome guest blog post! 


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