Split decisions are made based on what a headline says that currently impacts a decision maker’s life. No impact, no need to click to read more. There’s not enough time in the day to read all the things we want to read, let alone the things we need to read so if you can’t sum up the impact you bring to the table in one sentence (or less), you’re NOT going to grab the attention of a decision-maker.

Here’s What To Do To Stand Out:

1. Be brief. BREVITY MATTERS A LOT! Decision-makers do not read long flowery explanations and stories. Get to the point. No one needs to read all your extra thoughts and opinions. Just share the part that matters most.

2. Provide clarity. Your headline should sound like you are about to provide clarity on something that really matters to your decision maker target audience – or they won’t click.

3. Make an impact. It’s critical to demonstrate you understand what matters most to a decision maker. Otherwise, why are you trying to talk to them? They are not interested in time wasting.

4. Be professional. Don’t be sloppy in your writing, or in your language online period. Sloppy does not win contracts and you don’t want to do things in writing that could lower people’s standards of you. Good grammar, short, clear sentence structure, appropriate spacing, no run-on paragraphs.. it all matters.

Remember, split decisions are made based on a few words in an article headline. No impact in those words, no one clicks to read more.