What Companies Should Know About B2B Social Media

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The key to social media for business success is in your mindset. Social networks are events that go on 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week. You attend these events so you can mingle with friends.

B2B social media mirrors ONline what you have going on OFFline. Great social media managers are comfortable collaborating both on and offline with all those who matter most to the company’s bottom line. That means social media management is about business development, not advertising or marketing.

The person or company you put in charge of managing your company’s social networks will be responsible for managing all the relationships that pay your invoices and refer you business. If their focus is on website traffic, promotion, and brand exposure, you could be losing opportunities to gain real paying clients instead of just fans.

Social media is about talking with people you do business with, and whom you’d like to do business with. It ultimately affects your money. Are you confident in your social media manager’s understanding of who your business needs to be talking to? Does the agency who manages your company’s social media report results in numbers and fancy graphs? How does that help you bring in more profit?

Definitely, something to ponder.


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