We know all about nerds at the Social Media Business School. You know – those students (and sometimes… professors) with taped glasses, pants that don’t fit, and toilet paper stuck to their shoes.

Our school’s motto is “Act Human Online.” The problem is – many nerds don’t know how to act human in social situations, let alone online!

Recently, we came across a group of nerds who figured it out. The Nerdery is a custom software and design company with a vision is to be the best place in the world for nerds to work.

Here are three ways The Nerdery embraces their inner Steve Urkel and demonstrates that even nerds can act human online:

1. Nerds love stories.

Don’t get them started about Star Trek, like the Kobayashi Maru as depicted in Star Trek II, the Wrath of Khan when Captain Kirk took the test three times before passing… well… actually, he cheated on his third attempt…

The Nerdery has a story of its own. Their old website included photos of all their employees arranged by seniority with 30 photos in each row. When someone left the company, everyone moved up one space. Once you made it to the top, you were in the prestigious “Top Row Club.”

Nerdery Employees

Recently, they redesigned their website and said goodbye to the employee pictures. This meant whoever was in the top row would be immortalized forever in the final Top Row Club.

To celebrate, they created a video with employees explaining the history and sharing memories of the club. The video is informative and tells a piece of their history people wouldn’t know otherwise.

People love stories. By sharing a story from your company’s history, it makes you more human because people get a peek behind the curtain to learn more about you.

2. Nerds are problem solvers

Yeah, they are annoying when they recite equations or debate how Frodo and Gandalf should have destroyed the ring. But they are great at solving problems for people.

The Nerdery has a “Case Studies” video series where they discuss the problems they’ve solved for clients. Each video includes interviews with the client and the Nerdery team members who worked on the project.

Client testimonials are important for any business, but the Nerdery takes it a step further. They provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse at how the Nerds worked to solve the client’s problem.

These case studies make the Nerdery more human by featuring employees, showing their process, and giving potential clients a better understanding of how they can help.

3. Nerds like to call non-nerds “Newbs”

Newbs aren’t as awesome at video games or Dungeons and Dragons as they are.

At The Nerdery, Newbs are new employees and they are featured on their website and social networks. They even have a fun series called “Meet the Newbs,” to introduce them to the world.

Featuring employees on social networks is a fantastic way to Act Human Online. First, it gives a human face to your employees for customers. Second, recognizing new employees makes them feel valued which will then help your company culture. Big props to The Nerdery for proving that even nerds can Act Human Online!