Is your company “marketing” to people or are or are you acting like a HUMAN? 

One of the biggest ways companies miss out on capturing the attention of their customers online is by forgetting about the “social” aspect social media. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all the other networks are not billboards for your next sale.

When asked why people “unliked” a business page, 43% said it was because of too many ads. “It didn’t fit in with what I like to see in my newsfeed,” is the common scenario. People are on social networks to catch up with friends and be a part of something. They are real people socializing with one another.

In order to capture their attention, your company must behave the same way. We’ve all met the person at a party who never lets us get a word in edgewise, relentlessly talking about themselves or their accomplishments with no interest in hearing about ours. Those people talk at you, rather than with you, which might as well be spam because it’s definitely NOT social.

Companies who are the most successful with social media behave the same way online as they do OFF line.