Are you in search of that superstar producer who can knock out 70 cold calls a day? What do you think the conversion rate of a cold call is? Compare that to someone sharing an impactful quote you posted on your LinkedIn company profile. If they have a robust network of active business people, it’s possible that ten of those people will also be impacted by the same post and feel compelled to “repost” or share it. Those are called free salespeople.

Traditional “hunter” salespeople who are required to make tons of dials a day to keep their numbers up are a dying breed.  Smart companies know to hire account managers who bring active online networks with them.  Hiring one salesperson with an active network translates into ten or twenty free salespeople that come with him/her on the job.

You cannot share a cold call.  You cannot forward a cold call.  You are lucky if you can get passed the gatekeeper, which is why it’s called “cold.”  A salesperson with a robust network has the ability to send out a quick “video cold call” to his entire email list.  If I’m the recipient, I can choose when I want to watch the video (giving it a higher chance of being watched) and if I’m not the appropriate target, I can forward it to the correct person who can make this decision.  One video cold call can be spread like wild fire through one salesperson’s social network – if they came with one in tact.

Smart companies are choosing to hire highly networked individuals rather than traditional “hunters” because it yields a better result.  If you’re in the market for new salespeople this year, make sure you check out their online presence before you make the hire.  All the skill assessments in the world won’t tell you how highly networked your candidate may be and someone’s online reputation can help or hurt your brand right from the start.

Tip: Check every potential candidate out on Linkedin.  If they are not there, that tells you something.  If they are there, what’s your first impression of their network?  It will be the same impression others get when they see this person at your company.

Tip 2: Google the person’s name in quotations. Ex: “Anne Cull”  When you put the name in quotes, it tells Google to find every possible thing online having to do with this grouping of first/last name only.  If nothing comes up, don’t immediately let out a sigh of relief.  No presence also means this person may only understand traditional cold calling.  You should see that they’ve at least set up a social network profile somewhere.  Ask questions about their network.  It’s not only who they know but who knows them that counts.  The more people know and trust the person you want to hire, the more free salespeople you get in the long run.