How NOT to Sell on Social Networks

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Not Listening

Someone recently sent me a Facebook message trying to sell me a Beach Body nutrition system.

Mistake #1 – She spelled my name wrong. This doesn’t seem like a big deal but when my name is blatantly on my profile for the world to see, she showed me she is lazy, so why should I pay attention?

Mistake #2 – She offered me something without doing any market research. If she had done even a tiny bit of investigation, she would know that I am definitely not a candidate for her product because I eat a Paleo diet and many of the posts on my profile talking about my nightmare diet make this pretty obvious!

Because I was curious as to how she obtained my name as a prospect, I baited her a bit and asked what she saw on my profile that indicated I was a good fit for her product. Her response was undeniably mistake number three!

Mistake #3 – “Hello Ann, (spelled wrong again) Social media is not what it seems. It is a make believe world.” Wait, WHAT?!!!

She went on to say, “No matter how many studies they do, people are not truthful on social media. So I only look and don’t read. Just thought you could use Shakeolgy (she doesn’t spell her product correctly) due to the fact that it’s packed with power foods and nutrients. For me, it’s not about selling… it’s about helping others. I’ve always given my time to help others. Beachbody is helping me achieve my goal. Have a blessed day Ann (spelled wrong again).

Did she happen to notice I own a social media company? Clearly not! Telling me social media isn’t real when myself and all my staff make a living from social media efforts was ridiculous. Especially when two real people were having a real back and forth conversation online!

Throwing out features and benefits of a product I cannot use is a waste of time. Even if I was a fit, I certainly don’t trust her so why would I give her money?

People don’t buy from people they don’t trust.

This is where so many social media marketers miss the boat. They create post after post trying to sell products and services by talking up features and benefits but they have no relationships with the people they are targeting. When they come up empty, they say “social media doesn’t work.”

This woman wasn’t listening, therefore, she’s not able to sell anything. If you aren’t interested in first listening to what matters to people, you aren’t really going to be able to help them. That has nothing to do with social media. It has everything to do with paying attention to who you are talking to, on AND offline.


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