The success of word of mouth marketing depends on how much customers trust either you or your brand. And your brand is only as good as what people say about it.  No matter how good at marketing you are, you won’t be able to grow the kind of engaged audience that really supports your business until you’ve mastered the “know, like, and trust” factor.

The best network to find the people you know, like and trust is Linkedin but most people ruin their opportunities for referrals because they either don’t participate, look like they need a job, or always advertise and promote their stuff.

Stop cramming your profile full of language about how great your product is. Most people looking at your profile don’t know you yet so they have no reason to trust you. LinkedIn is about making meaningful connections so you can increase your opportunities for referrals. If you are connected to people who don’t know you, do you really think they will refer you?