Hashtags Explained

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What exactly IS a hashtag?

A hashtag is a word or a phrase (without spaces) preceded by the # symbol — for example, #Business — that helps people find and join conversations about a particular topic. Clicking on a hashtag will show related content.

Why Should Businesses Use Hashtags in Their Posts?

Simply put… to be found.  Hashtags are similar to keywords so when you use them, you increase your chances of being found when people search for hashtags with your topic.

Use hashtags by typing them somewhere within the text of your post:

EX: “We just participated in the #Kansas City #SmallBusiness session on #funding.”

By making certain words into hashtags, you make it easier for people searching for conversations around “Kansas City” or “Small Business” or “Funding” to find you.

Use Hashtags to Explain Emotion

While being found may be your first priority, it never hurts to also be found for having similar feelings about a topic.  Descriptive words or phrases in the context of a sentence help you stand out.

Ex: #badgrammar #excited #flattered #poorplanning #StopBeingRude #greatIdea #GrowKC

Feel free to make up your own hashtags as well.  Some hashtags – like #whyIcare – may gain popularity if others begin picking them up and then also using the same hashtag in their tweets.  This gives you free exposure – all because you added the pound sign to your feelings.


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