5 Strategies for Business Development on Linkedin

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1. DON’T CONNECT WITH EVERYONE. Polluting your network can be fatal to your reputation.  Export your connections and “delink” anyone who is not someone you know, like, or trust.  Remove anyone you will absolutely not refer.  Remove anyone who is only a personal friend or contact.  It’s okay to start with a small number of trusted contacts.  Those are your core connections and your network will grow from that foundation.

2. YOUR PROFILE IS YOUR SELL SHEET.  The goal is to STOP people when they click on your profile and help them self-discover they need you.  Do this by including a few “pain” questions in your summary.  Your pain questions are the problems your customers tell you they have that you solve.

3. PAY ATTENTION TO WHERE YOUR CLIENTS ARE. If your customers are on Twitter, you better be there too! Clients are the ones that will validate your posts by liking and sharing them. If you don’t provide value to those who pay your invoices, you are going to have a hard time getting them to share.

4. SHARE NEWS FROM LINKEDIN PULSE.  If you cannot think of what to post, go to Linkedin Pulse (LinkedIn’s news feature) and find some news to share.  Don’t just randomly share crap.  Share what your connections would truly be interested in.  When you do this, Linkedin Today showcases your profile as one of the people that spread the news.  This gives you additional exposure outside your own network.

5. FOLLOW COMPANY PAGES. Most businesses have a LinkedIn company page so if you want to get on their radar, all you need to do is follow their company page and “like” or comment on things they post!


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