SmartSocial Business Development System

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Need A Business Development Plan For Social Media?

social media business development system

The SmartSocial Business Development System is the same program ThinkViral uses with our own in-house clients. It is a strategic Social Media sales workbook with a step by step weekly process for generating client loyalty and referral business.

The workbook includes a customizable social media policy with clear guidelines for company-wide social media use, a supervisor guide to keep those in charge of social media at your company accountable, and a monthly report template specifically designed to list names of clients and prospects who are interacting with your company online. Monthly social media reports can (and should) be distributed to salespeople for follow up.


Companies who manage social media in-house, entrepreneurs, startup companies who need a weekly process for business development, anyone who supervises social media management, small businesses – especially those with a B2B focus who need a weekly/monthly process for managing business relationships and referral opportunities.

*When you purchase the SmartSocial Business Development System, you receive instant access online and a hard copy workbook follows in the mail. If something changes in the networks, we’ll send you an update so your system always stays current.

Stop wasting time and money on lunch and learns, webinars, and amateur consultants. Why not own a copy of ThinkViral’s proprietary process for your own company instead? Get Started Today for a one-time investment of $1500.