Please stop sending LinkedIn cold calls!

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When you send a request to connect on LinkedIn to someone you do not know and you do not take the time to customize your message, you are essentially cold calling them through LinkedIn.

Default LinkedIn connection request (cold call) says:

LinkedIn request

A better way to connect would be to say something like this:

linkedin request

So who is checking out the first guy’s profile?

No one. It’s a cold call. Why didn’t they take the time to customize the message? It could be the person is lazy but it could also mean they were fooled by LinkedIn’s prompts to connect.

Here’s what we mean:

LinkedIn has made it super easy to send cold call messages. Unless you are actually making the connection request from the person’s profile, you may not have the opportunity to customize a message. If you send the request through the LinkedIn app or anywhere outside of the person’s profile (including LinkedIn’s prompts to connect to people you MAY know), you will not have the opportunity to customize your message.

Moral of the story:

Never click “connect” unless you are on the person’s profile and ALWAYS customize your message!


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