Who’s Acting Human Online? Johnson County Automotive!


Have you ever taken your car somewhere for repairs and weren’t sure if you were being taken advantage of? You know the drill… you go in for one issue and they somehow find several other things that need fixing. Ugh! Wouldn’t it be dreamy if a car shop existed where you knew the humans that […]

Look Who’s Acting Human Online Showcase: LockPath


One wouldn’t think that a provider of governance, risk management, compliance and information security software solutions would excel at acting human online. LockPath, however, has found a way to make internal audit software accessible (and understandable) to the average social media user. Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas, it’s clear that LockPath […]

We need your help! Please tell us which companies are acting like humans online!


Each month, we look for companies who have outstanding engagement from their online audiences and then highlight what we can learn from them on our blog. We want you to join in the search and nominate companies that have engaged YOU as well! If you know of a brand that is doing a fantastic job […]