Look Who’s Acting Human Online Showcase: Livers Bronze


When we looked at Livers Bronze online, we quickly discovered they are living proof of what their website says they are: “We build railings and relationships.” The local Kansas City company founded back in 1932, has kept its roots and family ties in Kansas City for over 80 years. While the company has changed and expanded many times over, their commitment […]

Who’s Acting Human Online: The Nerdery


We know all about nerds at the Social Media Business School. You know – those students (and sometimes… professors) with taped glasses, pants that don’t fit, and toilet paper stuck to their shoes. Our school’s motto is “Act Human Online.” The problem is – many nerds don’t know how to act human in social situations, […]

We need your help! Please tell us which companies are acting like humans online!


Each month, we look for companies who have outstanding engagement from their online audiences and then highlight what we can learn from them on our blog. We want you to join in the search and nominate companies that have engaged YOU as well! If you know of a brand that is doing a fantastic job […]