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Must be an active user on Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter. We will train our social media process but we need to know you intuitively go to social networks to communicate with others.

Must be able to communicate clearly in writing with no errors using appropriate grammar and punctuation. There are so many tools online to help with spelling and grammar and if you aren’t willing to use them, this isn’t the job for you. What you say directly affects our client’s reputation so we need someone who is seriously detail oriented and who cares about how things look and sound online.

Must manage your own time well. This is a remote position where you will meet with our team once or twice weekly, attend random events, and see clients as needed. We will not babysit or tell you what to do every day. We expect you to ask questions and be proactive about what needs to happen on behalf of the clients you are trusted with. Your job will be to have your client’s back at all times.

Must be willing to make business friends offline at events or in meetings.  If you cannot develop meaningful business relationships in real life, you won’t be able to do it online and we are looking for someone who is not afraid to talk with senior level executives on or offline. Ideally, we want someone who can be themselves in either environment.

Must be an active learner – social networks change every week so this is not something that can make you angry! We need someone who can embrace change often and develop new ideas quickly around those changes.

Must be willing to contribute to the growth of ThinkViral. We expect you to participate, have an opinion, learn things that help us, do what you say you will do, and actively help us sell our products and services. We have a very good reputation and need someone who will take that seriously.

Salary + Benefits + Bonus/Commission opportunities
Flexible schedule
Leadership program provided

If this position sounds interesting to you, please send your resume, salary requirement (the number you are unwilling to go below in order to feel good about doing this work every day – not the minimum number you’ll take to get by until you find something else!), and why you believe you are the right person for this job to [email protected]